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War for the Planet of the Apes Review

Overall Rating: 9/10 | read time 3 minutes

Short Wrap Up of a Trilogy

And with that, we have a perfect trilogy, with each movie upping the ante without any disappointments to think of. I loved this film. Andy Serkis does it yet again, and has enthralled me with his brilliant motion capture performance as the noble Caesar. But besides him, everyone in the movie was also amazing. If you’re looking to see an actual war between the apes and humans, you might be a bit disappointed, cause the real “war” in the film was an internal struggle all along. Even then, that shouldn’t stop you from being thoroughly entertained throughout. All reviews talk about how realistic the apes look, and how can you not? They look fantastic and seem to get better and better with each installment. I won’t say much more, cause I want everyone to go see for themselves. I will say however, that Rocket is my boy. A true bro through and through, and I’m glad he had a bigger role, since he kind of got sidelined in the second movie.

Summary: Matt Reeves did not start this reboot, but he will finish it. See you in the theaters.


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